Why encrypt data?

Why encrypt data? The short answer is that data encryption protects your data from being seen. Encrypting data is one way to protect data from unauthorized access. The long answer is that it takes a Passsword or Passphrase to decrypt the data, and the Passphrase has many different levels of complexity. Some of the most popular encryption algorithms are AES, 3DES, RSA, SHA-1. Our web app uses AES.

It is important to make sure that encryption algorithms are up-to-date and aren’t susceptible to cyberattacks such as side channel attacks.

The use cases for encrypting data are diverse and range from protecting sensitive records in a database to storing passwords in an application. Anyone who can see your Passphrase can access all of your data. That means you should keep it secret, don’t share it with anyone other than whomever you want to share your Passphrase with.

If you lose your Passphrase, the only way to access the encrypted data is with a Key-file. You can create a Key-file by selecting passwords or phrases for at least 10 minutes and they will be combined to create a key-file which is used to decrypt encrypted files.

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